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Ultra Moisturizing Repair Gel

Ultra Moisturizing Repair Gel


*NOTE*: The Ultra Moisturizing Repair Gel has been sold out. A fresh batch of it is being manufactured and it should be ready by 08 July 2024. Please purchase if you are comfortable with the waiting time. Thank you!




Along with being free from fragrance and common skin irritants, this gentle moisturiser is specially formulated with Calendula, Allantoin, Chamomile, and Licorice Root. They contain anti-inflammatory properties that are needed to soothe, hydrate and repair sensitised skin while also providing anti-aging benefits.


It's further fortified with barrier-restoring Glycerin and Allantoin that create a hydrating barrier to trap moisture on your skin, while acting as agents that calm sensitive skin.


Crowned the Best Anti-Aging Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin in Her World Beauty Awards.



  • 1. 5 powerhouse ingredients to soothe irritated skin


    Formulated with Calendula from English Marigold that greatly benefits dry, sensitive skin with its skin regenerative properties. Topical application assists in skin repair, delivering ample hydration for dehydrated skin.


    Chamomile Flower Extracts gently soothe and hydrate skin that feels uncomfortably tight from harsh skincare chemicals.


    Vitamin K found in Cucumber Extracts aids in repairing dry, damaged skin, keeping it strong, healthy, and hydrated. 


    Known as the powerhouse of antioxidants, Burdock Root has long been used to improve dry and irritated skin conditions. 


    To further replenish skin moisture, Allantoin is added to the blend to increase the water content of cells, helping to deliver supple skin and promote cell longevity and healing.



    2. Lightweight gel moisturiser

    A feel-good, daily-use gel moisturiser that hydrates without feeling heavy. It spreads easily and absorbs fast. 


White Flowers

Our Ingredients & Technologies

With the use of proprietary lab technologies, we combine high-performance botanical ingredients with non-toxic, clinical-grade actives to form potent, synergistic blends that expertly penetrate deeper into the skin to deliver results.

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Each of our formulations comes in an extremely delicate and lightweight texture that is easy on the skin, and penetrates deeper to deliver targeted benefits for specific skin needs.

Ingredients We Avoid







1: dermatologist-tested products are deemed safe for sensitive skin types.

2: it means a doctor who specialises in skin health has signed off on the products.

3: getting certified as dermatologist-tested is important to our commitment to giving you peace of mind when choosing 
The Moisturizers Co.


Our Commitments

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