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Cell Renewal Collagen Enhancing Cream

Cell Renewal Collagen Enhancing Cream


Wake up looking refreshed and glowing.


Formulated with Black Mulberry Fruit extracts that activate the skin's innate ability to self-renew and slow down signs of aging by stimulating and restoring collagen in the skin. 


The Cell Renewal Collagen Enhancing Cream (formerly known as Cell Regenerate Gel Cream) was crowned the Best Facial Moisturiser (Night) in Beauty Insider's Choice Awards 2019.

  • 1. Powerful Cell Renewal And Collagen Enhancing Actives


    Formulated with Black Mulberry Fruit extracts that contain Resveratrol - a potent antioxidant that renews skin cells and effectively minimises signs of aging by smoothing out delicate fine lines with increased collagen production. 


    Further enriched with Squalane and Q10 - a powerful complex that encourages skin's natural self-repair, minimising the loss of collagen and elastin from your skin. 


    Day by day, skin is rejuvenated - revealing smoother, brighter and younger-looking skin.


    2. Aromatherapy Night Cream

    Water-based, gel-cream that soothes and melts into the skin with a soft Rose Geranium scent. It helps to calm anxiety and improve your sleep quality. Therefore giving your skin the energy it needs to heal and regenerate so it can wake up fresh, bright and youthful.


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Our Ingredients & Technologies

With the use of proprietary lab technologies, we combine high-performance botanical ingredients with non-toxic, clinical-grade actives to form potent, synergistic blends that expertly penetrate deeper into the skin to deliver results.

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Each of our formulations comes in an extremely delicate and lightweight texture that is easy on the skin, and penetrates deeper to deliver targeted benefits for specific skin needs.

Ingredients We Avoid







1: dermatologist-tested products are deemed safe for sensitive skin types.

2: it means a doctor who specialises in skin health has signed off on the products.

3: getting certified as dermatologist-tested is important to our commitment to giving you peace of mind when choosing 
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Our Commitments

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