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High-Grade Skincare
Designed with

Your Skin Barrier in Mind

High-grade, barrier-restoring ingredients are essential to achieving a healthy, glowing skin that is calmer, smoother and more comfortable.

Protecting your skin barrier is the key to really good skin.

The Moisturizers Co’s products are uniquely fortified with high-performance, barrier-restoring ingredients that help to accelerate the repair of damaged skin, reduce sensitised skin, and keep your epidermal barrier healthy.​

Being able to function optimally also means your skin becomes a lot more efficient at absorbing your skincare products in your daily care routine.

Here are several barrier-restoring ingredients that we fortify our formulations with to keep your epidermal barrier healthy —

Barrer Restoring Ingredients for website About Us section (1).png

100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free


Our story

The Moisturizers Co is a cruelty-free, alcohol-free skincare brand. We create smart, sophisticated, alcohol-free formulations that target the root cause of compromised, sensitised skin by promoting and accelerating epidermal-barrier repair without irritating or dehydrating your skin further.


We are featured in Her World, Daily Vanity, Female and many more.

If you are finally ready for real results on your skin — achieving healthier, calmer, more balanced skin without anymore skincare waste or leftover products, click on our Full Skin Analysis to begin. 

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