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Give You Better Skin

Non-chemical laden products

Targeted formulas to combat aging and promote better skin

Compassionate to animals and the environment

We detest crowding a formulation with a long list of chemicals that would be counter-productive on the skin. Hence we make our products with carefully selected, non-toxic, high-performance ingredients that come together to form a potent, synergistic blend for results. Each chosen ingredient has its purpose and would outweigh something similar - no more, no less. 

The Moisturizers Co. Glow Renew Essence Toner texture

We formulate for the urban skin, truly. Our biological clock ticks faster with the everyday stress and pollution that we are in, and these show on our skin as wrinkles, lines, loss of collagen amongst a multitude of other skin issues, such as breakouts, blemish scars, redness, dullness, dehydration, just to name a few. Our multi-targeted formulas are engineered to combat aging from city life while targeting specific skin issues, such as those mentioned above, and more.

Our products are vegan, cruelty-free, and manufactured with ethically-sourced ingredients. We make sure that our products reach you in their wonderful condition without the use of paper boxes or unnecessary packaging. 

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The Moisturizers Co. Serum texture

From Swiss Farms, to Our Lab, to Your Face

 We harness the best and freshest raw ingredients from Switzerland using GMP Certified technologies. They go into our formulations, coming together synergistically, for beautiful results that show on your face! 

“The moisturisers by The Moisturizers Co. that we’ve tried are great for women who prefer a simple and convenient skincare regime that still perform heavy duty for them.”

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