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Skincare of Dreams: Get to Know The Moisturizers Co.

How one woman’s dream to spread the joy of high efficacy skincare came true

When you’re dedicated to an idea or dream, It’s hard to ignore that burning passion. For Christine Chen, 35, this passion led her to chat with various women, sparking a conversation that then translated to fulfilling one of her biggest dreams—founding homegrown moisturiser company, The Moisturizers Co, in 2016.

We find out more about the company from Christine.

Q1. How did the idea for a skincare company come about, and why moisturizers?

Christine: Our partnering company has been in the skincare manufacturing industry for more than a decade. With the help of incredibly knowledgeable chemists, we gathered valuable feedback from women of different age groups that allowed us to understand how their existing moisturizers are helping and benefiting women in what we believe is—the most essential step of the skincare routine.

Skincare of Dreams: Get to Know The Moisturizers Co. | Skintelligence

Also, our chemists have years of expertise in maximising the efficacy and quality of moisturizers—all to deliver real, sustainable results. Coupled with the latest technologies and research, we’ve successfully launched a total of 4 moisturizers to date. These are carefully crafted to target the top 4 concerns from the 25 – 65 female age group: pigmentation, sensitive skin, blemishes with enlarged pores, and premature aging—the primary skincare concern. Our efficacy moisturizers are also formulated to complement other skincare, but they work very well on their own too.

Q2. Take us through the typical process of creating a new moisturiser

Christine: The process of creating anything new isn’t something that can be rushed into. For instance, prior to launching our brand, we spent months understanding our target market’s needs and desires. Besides conducting surveys, we also personally spoke to different women who would share everything from their skin concerns to what they felt the skincare market was lacking. With all this important information, we then progressed to speaking with our chemists to learn and explore various ingredients that could properly meet these concerns. Our labs are based in Italy and Switzerland, and they provide strictly clinical-grade actives and natural botanical ingredients in our efficacy formulations.

Skincare of Dreams: Get to Know The Moisturizers Co. | Skintelligence

When we have an initial formula created, our skincare lab in Singapore will then perform independent tests to ensure its quality and efficacy before we proceed to mass manufacture it. In all, it could take anything from 3 months or up to 2 years to truly see the birth of a new product. We don’t take shortcuts—results will show that our moisturizer line may be limited (for now), but powerful!

We currently still actively listen to our customers and followers on their needs in a moisturizer/skincare product. It’s very important to stay on top of their wants to ensure we stay relevant, and this helps streamline our process greatly.

Q3. Beauty is an incredibly saturated industry. What makes The Moisturizers Co. stand out?

Skincare of Dreams: Get to Know The Moisturizers Co. | Skintelligence

Christine: It's indeed a saturated industry with huge, strong competitors! However, we feel that every skincare line—big or small—has their individual strengths. Our goal is to really curate a line that’s not just effective on its own, but to perfectly complement skincare from other brands. We also aim to stay quick, nimble, and extremely personable with our customers. We don’t just want to hit great numbers or move our moisturizers fast, we are a skincare brand created by women, that maintains ongoing conversation with women to help discern well on their skin needs and more. This helps us to bridge the gap between us and our target market. It’s also heartening to see that their responses usually echo our thoughts—so we can definitely understand where they’re coming from.

Q4. What are the top 3 tips you have for ladies buying a moisturizer?

Christine: Here are my top 3 tips.

1) Find a moisturizer that suits your skin type, not second guess what your skin needs.

Sometimes we may find our skin dull-looking and buy a brightening moisturizer—only to find the texture and ingredients not suitable for your sensitive skin type. By understanding your skin type and getting the right skincare, you’ll definitely see improved results over time and enjoy a renewed radiance.

We recommend taking a Skin Analysis that could identify your skin type based on carefully planned questions that provide structured answers to deliver an accurate analysis. Skin types can change due to factors like stress, environment and more, so it’s a good idea to evaluate your skin type every 5 years too to ensure you’re always using the right skincare.

2) Always read the ingredients of a product you’re buying.

Skincare of Dreams: Get to Know The Moisturizers Co. | Skintelligence

However, you don’t have to shy away from products that contain preservatives or alcohol derivatives—an adequate amount of these ingredients are required in stabilizing the other active ingredients or prevent contamination as all creams/gels contain water, which is conducive for the growth of bacteria or yeast. If understanding and recognising different ingredients is a confusing process, here’s an easy rule of thumb: count the number of ingredients! The longer the list, the more chemicals or complex the mixture you're putting on your face. So aim for a short list, with a higher concentration of good ingredients that are beneficial for your skin!

3) Finally, don't skip moisturizing!

You may feel you don’t need to moisturize because of the humid weather, you're not sleeping in an air-conditioned room, have oily skin etcetera. However, a moisturizer is so much more. It’s essential in locking in the moisture and all the wonderful skincare that you pile on your face before it. It’s needed for healthy and youthful skin. So don’t avoid using a moisturizer, instead, look for one that’s suitable for your skin and daily lifestyle. Start with understanding your skin type, then find a moisturizer with the right texture: a cream, gel-cream, milky gel, watery gel (yes, texture matters!), and make sure it’s suited for your skin type with just the right amount of ingredients. Overloading your skin with too much ‘goodness’ can backfire.

Q5. What’s in store for TMC in the near future?

Skincare of Dreams: Get to Know The Moisturizers Co. | Skintelligence

Christine: Lots of exciting things! Our pool of customers and supporters has been expanding steadily since our launch 2 years ago. We’re so thankful to have formed a bond with many of them who are also faithful, repeat customers. They’ve also become our brand advocates and refer more of their friends and family members to try our products. This has really helped us to improve in all areas—from service to product quality, and more! In the near future, we're looking to bring more to the plate, whether it’s a new product or an improved formula, we’re all ears and ready to talk to our lovely community. Please reach out or drop me a question anytime and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

Be sure to follow The Moisturizers Co. on Instagram, as well as join our mailing list on our site to stay updated on their latest news.


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As featured in Her World, CLEO, FEMALE, Shape, Nuyou, Singapore Women’s Weekly, Daily Vanity, Layers of Skins.

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