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6 Moisturizing Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

If you’re slathering product on your face and calling it a day, it’s time to rethink your steps

6 Moisturising Mistakes You’re Making Right Now | Skintelligence | Get Glowing Blog
6 Moisturizing Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

So you’re pretty certain you’ve got it all down. You cleanse, tone, and most importantly—moisturize! But yet, you’re not seeing the bright, glowing skin you want, still find large pores clogged, with pimples habitually appearing. What could possibly be wrong?

Here are 6 mistakes you could be making with your moisturizer right now.

1. You listen to what your friends say

Your girlfriends may have good intentions when they shove you a ‘must buy’ list of skincare products, but remember—everyone has different skin types. This means that while the skincare products your friends are recommending may be good for them, they may not necessarily be what your skin actually needs. In retrospect, if you have oily skin and end up using a moisturizer that’s way too rich—courtesy of a friend with very dry skin—you might find yourself suffering from a sudden massive breakout! Make sure you do your own research (or know your skin type through a Skin Analysis), focus on what you want to achieve, before adding a moisturizer to your routine.

2. You use way too little

Whether it’s because you think your moisturizer is expensive, or you don’t like the feeling of ‘too much’ product on your face, you might just not be applying moisturizer to make a difference to your skin. If application literally consists of you gingerly dabbing cream onto the itty bitty tips of your fingers and attempting to have that cover your entire face—you’re doing it wrong. According to Into the Gloss, use a good, nickel-sized amount of product for your face. If you have extra, simply rub it in to your neck or hands.

3. Or way too much

If you experience breakouts or oily skin that you’ve never had before, it’s a good sign that your skin is being over-moisturized. Make sure you dial back on the amount of moisturizer you use and also explore using a product that’s more suited for your skin type.

4. You only moisturize once a day

People with oily skin may think that moisturizing once a day is sufficient to deliver hydration to your skin. However, in an interview with Medical Daily, Allison Tray, founder of Tres Belle Spa, shared that the face should be moisturized once in the morning, and once at night. This means that whether you have dry skin, oily skin or combination skin, it’s essential to moisturize at least twice a day—with a high efficacy moisturizer that works to bring out the best of your skin.

5. You put your makeup on immediately after your moisturizer

Imagine putting moisturizer on your face and then rushing to layer on your makeup. If you don’t let your skincare absorb into your skin properly, it can interfere with everything from your foundation to blush—and it’s a huge waste of your effort when you have to start all over again! Our skin is generally incredibly efficient in absorbing product, but it’s best to wait at least a couple of minutes (especially if your moisturizer is especially rich) before busting out your favorite makeup.

6. You rub too hard

According to Bustle, the skin on your face is especially delicate, so rubbing a product vigorously into your face is going to have dire consequences over time such as irritated skin or redness. Make sure to always dab and pat product onto your face, starting from your T-zone and then working towards your neck and hairline. Use the tips of your fingers to spread it to the rest of your face after.

Moisturizers are incredible skincare that does wonders for our skin, and it’s important to make sure you are using them the right way. Besides reading the ingredient list extensively, it’s a good idea to check with an expert before using any product on your face.

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