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How-to: Create a Skincare Routine in 5 Easy Steps

Join us in the quest for healthy skin

How-to: Create a Skincare Routine in 5 Easy Steps | Blog | The Moisturizers Co.

Learning about what works for your skin can be an exciting journey but at the same time an incredibly daunting one. With articles like ‘The Skincare Routine You NEED Right Now’ and ‘Your Must-Have Beauty Regime’ popping up left, right and center—it’s no wonder any girl feels overwhelmed when it comes to starting her own skincare routine.

But trust us when we say it’s not rocket science, but just a combination of sense, budget and knowing what works for your skin. Let’s get started.

1. A cleanser for healthy skin

How-to: Create a Skincare Routine in 5 Easy Steps | Skincare Tips | Skintelligence

There are a lot of cleansers in the market promising healthy skin, but don’t just fall for advertising. It’s important to make informed decisions before choosing one you want to add to your beauty regime. As a rule of thumb:

If your skin is dry...
Don’t: Use a foaming cleanser, usually in gel or cream form, that can be too stripping.
Do: Use a cleanser specially formulated for dry skin which contains oils and emollients.

If your skin is oily...
Don’t: Use a medicated cleanser that contains acids, fragrances, or other harsh ingredients.
Do: Use an oil-based cleanser—it’s the best way to combat oil and also rid excess sebum.

2. Add a toner to your skincare routine

Add a toner to your skincare routine | Dermatologist tips | Skintelligence

Think of toning as an extended step, one that helps remove any leftover dirt or grime that you might have possibly missed during the cleansing bit of your skincare routine. Toners also help to soothe and hydrate skin that may feel a little tight or tingly after cleansing and restore your skin’s pH balance.

3. Seal in healthy skin with a good moisturizer

Blog | The Moisturizers Co.

Moisturizing is for everyone. And we mean, everyone. Whether your skin’s dry, oily, or prone to frequent breakouts, adding a moisturizer to your beauty regime allows the easy absorption of serums, essences and more importantly, helps correct your skin’s lipid barrier to maintain a healthy moisture balance. This lets your skin look plump and youthful.

The Moisturizers Co. serum-infused Brightening Moisturizing Cream with Arbutin and Vitamins for soft glowing skin | Skintelligence

If you’re looking for a boost of radiance, try The Moisturizers Co’s serum-infused Brightening Moisturizing Cream with Arbutin and Vitamins. It luxuriously soothes and hydrates for instantly radiant, dewy, and supple skin.

The Moisturizers Co. Cell Regenerate Gel Cream with Mulberry and Squalane for younger-looking skin | Skintelligence

To combat aging, slather on The Moisturizers Co. Cell Regenerate Gel Cream with Mulberry and Squalane. It contains the miracle anti-aging antioxidant, Resveratrol, and a skin-pleasing mix of clinical-grade actives like Squalane and Ubiquinone, which work together to renew cells and prevent collagen loss for firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

The Moisturizers Co. Ultra Pore Refiner Anti-Blemish Night Cream with Niacinamide and AHA for oily, combination skin | Skintelligence

To banish pimples and refine pores, try The Moisturizers Co. Ultra Pore Refiner Anti-Blemish Night Cream with Niacinamide. This night cream contains a powerful formulation of Niacinamide, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Wild Yam Extracts, Witch Hazel, and Ceramide that targets oily, combination skin to help you achieve clear, smooth, and supple complexion with reduced blemishes and refined pores. Or to put it simply, just look absolutely flawless!

4. Use an eye cream to combat wrinkles

Use an eye cream to combat wrinkles | Skincare blog | Skintelligence

The skin around our eyes is extremely delicate. Without proper care, you’ll start to see the appearance of fine lines and your skin getting duller. An eye cream might seem like an unnecessary step (and expense) to add to your skincare routine, but it’s a small investment to keep your peepers pretty. Splurge on one that has peptides to boost collagen production, contains a gentle dose of retinol along with hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin B3 to lighten dark circles.

5. Complete your beauty regime with a balm

Complete your skincare regime with a lip balm | Skincare tips | Skintelligence

When focused on your skin, don’t neglect your lips—chapped ones aren’t a pretty sight. No skincare routine for healthy skin is complete without taking care of your lips, so when the rest of your face is clean and pampered, slather on a moisturizing lip balm to keep your pout smooth as well.

Building a skincare routine isn’t difficult. It’s about knowing your skin and its problem areas, finding products that bring out your skin’s best potential and diligently keeping to a routine for the best results.

The temptation to splash your money on every new product in the market may be high, but remember that it’s really the fundamentals that yield healthy skin. Be sure to keep an eye on your skin’s condition, and switch out products if they lose efficiency. If you're looking for product recommendations, take our two-minute Smart Skin Analysis which combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real dermatologists’ expertise to deliver tailored recommendations you can try out instantly.

Here’s to curating a beauty regime that works for you!


About us: We are Skintelligence, a team focused on a 'skin-first' approach to beauty through artificial intelligence. We match products to you based on your unique skin type and needs. Results are highly accurate and personalized with AI and machine learning. It's fun, convenient, and it works. Try it here.

As featured in Her World, CLEO, FEMALE, Shape, Nuyou, Singapore Women’s Weekly, Daily Vanity, Layers of Skins.


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