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How-to: Downsize Your Skincare for Vacation

Here’s the trick to minimizing while maximizing your skincare routine

How-to: Downsize Your Skincare for Vacation | Skincare blog | Skintelligence

It’s that time of the year where everyone scrambles to get their vacation plans in order. Traveling is fun—but packing can be quite the hassle—so we’d like to take all that fretting over just how to squeeze all your skincare into your luggage off your mind. Whether you’re jetting off to the tropics or taking off to see snow for the first time, here are 3 easy tips to efficient packing for a well-rounded, skincare routine. You can maintain glowing skin no matter which part of the globe you’re on.

1. S is for Samples and Sheets – an easy solution for radiant skin

How-to: Downsize Your Skincare for Vacation | Skintelligence

Here’s where the zillion sample skincare you were bestowed with during your Seoul trip will come in handy. If you don’t have any on hand, you can try approaching beauty counters at departmental stores—most are willing to share sample products with you if you ask.

Sample-sized skincare is perfect for traveling with—they are already in tiny sachets or bottles that are incredibly easy to pack and dispose of when you’re done. Plus, they are usually TSA-friendly if you’re only bringing a carry-on. Another great reason to break out your samples is finally trying out new types of skincare, without worrying about wasting money on full-sized products first. It’s a win-win situation all around.

Another smart and easy skincare item to bring along—sheet masks! Individually packed and full of hydration benefits, they’re a quick fix to deliver instant hydration for glowing skin whether you’re in a hot or cold climate.

2. Pack multi-purpose items

How-to: Downsize Your Skincare for Vacation | Skincare blog | Skintelligence

This may seem like a “duh” tip, but it’s easier said than done. If you’re used to a 10-step skincare routine every night, it may be hard to suddenly trim your travel skincare bag to half—or less! But it’s doable.

Instead of your usual liquid or oil-based bottled makeup remover… Bring along a pack of makeup remover wipes. They’re not cheap, but a worthy investment when traveling because they pack flat and are easy to use and dispose.

Instead of a regular cleanser… Bring a multi-purpose cleanser that removes makeup AND cleanses your face. This helps to remove any traces of makeup that you might have missed.

Instead of packing a serum, emulsion, and moisturizer…

Just bring the moisturizer! We’re not about to rule out the benefits that a serum, emulsion, ampoule (you get the idea), or other skincare have, but if you’re only going for a holiday, it makes sense to just invest in one good item that covers multiple benefits.

The Moisturizer Co. now has four moisturizers in its skincare line-up, each one boasting a key ingredient with a core benefit AND numerous secondary ingredients that help in contributing to healthy skin.

For instance, their Brightening Moisturizing Cream with Arbutin and Vitamins is a serum-infused cream that prevents pigmentation and brightens dull skin that needs a radiance boost! All for soft, glowing skin with reduced pigmentation.

Want youthful skin? The Moisturizers Co. Cell Regenerate Gel Cream with Mulberry and Squalane is a high efficacy moisturizer with powerful cell renewal and collagen enhancer ingredients that provides hydration and smooth out fine lines with increased collagen production.

If you’re conscious of blemishes and large pores, you’re in luck—they have just launched a new Ultra Pore Refiner Anti-Blemish Night Cream with Niacinamide. This cream does wonders for controlling oil production and also utilizes wild yam extracts with anti-inflammatory properties, and an advanced blend of Ceramide, Witch Hazel and AHA to clear pore-clogging sebum, tighten pores and prevent moisture loss.

All of their moisturizers are beautifully packaged in 50ml jars and bottles, which pack well in your suitcase and are also well within the carry-on travel limit of 100ml or less (remember to pack them in a transparent, resealable bag). Or you can also downsize them—more in our next point!

3. Use travel-sized containers to your benefit, or get creative!

How-to: Downsize Your Skincare for Vacation | Skincare blog | Skintelligence

Lots of places sell travel-sized storage containers and more to encourage lighter and more efficient packing. But don’t be obligated to spend too much money on a couple of empty plastic bottles and tiny jars! You can easily find the same thing at neighborhood marts or dollar stores for a good bargain. Alternatively, you can also choose use brand new contact lens cases to store creams

Pro Tip: Mark the left for ‘Day’, the right for ‘Night’ or repurpose old/almost-empty travel skincare with your current must-haves.

So when you’re prepping your suitcase for your next holiday, remember that you don’t have to sacrifice your skincare routine just to make room! With some careful planning and savvy space-saving incorporated, you’ll feel great AND look refreshed on every trip. Plus, you can also be sure every selfie turns out amazing—even without a “beautiful skin” filter. Happy vacationing!


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As featured in Her World, CLEO, FEMALE, Shape, Nuyou, Singapore Women’s Weekly, Daily Vanity, Layers of Skins.


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