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An Easy Guide to Moisturising for Sensitive Skin

Featuring our new Ultra Moisturizing Repair Gel with Calendula

Imagine this: you see an ad across your Facebook feed promoting a new moisturizer. It uses buzzwords like “rich” and “luscious” and promises to give you silky-smooth, moisturized skin. Sounds great—except for ladies out there with sensitive skin, this scenario isn’t as simple as it seems.

Searching for a suitable skincare product can be a real challenge if your skin is easily irritated. Most skincare products in the market contain a fair amount of chemicals and fragrances, which causes sensitive skin to break out, get acne, or feel uncomfortable. Even a supposed “gentle” face mask needs to go through intense ingredient scrutiny. That’s why we went ahead and did the heavy lifting for you.

Here’s a useful guide to taking care of sensitive skin:

1. Stick to lukewarm water when showering

While not a moisturizing tip per se, this is a simple but overlooked tip that directly affects your skin’s moisture levels. We love hot soothing showers, but according to American health site UPMC Health Beat, steaming showers or baths can cause redness, itchiness, and even peeling to your skin. It also thwarts your skin’s natural moisture balance, stripping you of natural oils, fats, and proteins that keep your skin healthy. If your skin is too dry, it can lead to an overproduction of oils to compensate for the lack of moisture.

2. Choose healing ingredients

Products marketed at sensitive skin contain similar products like aloe vera as it’s a natural anti-inflammatory substance that is generally calming for the skin. However, be sure to always test any new skincare product on a small area of your neck to double-check for allergies or irritations.

3. Avoid alcohol, acids and fragrances

What works for others may not work for you. While it may be tempting to use moisturisers that contain AHAs or BHAs, it’s best to focus on maintaining happy, healthy skin and not worry too much about things like exfoliating for now. Also, the American Academy of Dermatology states you should avoid alcohol-based toners and products that contain fragrances as they usually cause sensitive skin to have adverse reactions.

If your skin feels uncomfortably tight after using a toner or skincare product, it may contain ingredients like alcohol that tend to strip away the natural oils on your skin. This could be too harsh for your sensitive skin.

4. Keep it simple

Take the time and effort to read the labels of skincare products before deciding on whether you’d like to give them a go. The best ingredients for sensitive skin are usually ones that are incredibly basic—yet can provide more than one benefit.

The new Ultra Moisturizing Repair Gel with Calendula from The Moisturizers Co. is carefully formulated with 5 key botanical and clinical-grade ingredients — Calendula extracts, Chamomile flower extracts, Cucumber extracts, Burdock root and Allantoin. Each ingredient is purposefully selected with a strong focus on healing, repairing, and regenerating, while being safe for those with sensitive skin to use. The Ultra Moisturizing Repair Gel is also excellent at reducing post-blemish marks or scars that are difficult to heal, as well as skin with poor elasticity and fine lines.

An Easy Guide to Moisturizing for Sensitive Skin | Skincare blog | The Moisturizers Co.

Creating a moisturiser for sensitive skin was the main priority of The Moisturizers Co., but creating one that contained a whole slew of additional benefits was the goal. If you have long given up on finding a moisturiser that would suit your skin and target problems like dry, easily irritated skin, we can’t wait for you to try The Moisturizers Co's Ultra Moisturizing Repair Gel with Calendula out.

If you have a question about finding the right moisturiser, be sure to take our Smart Skin Analysis to discover the recommended one for your unique skin type and needs, or drop us a quick message here.


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As featured in Her World, CLEO, FEMALE, Shape, Nuyou, Singapore Women’s Weekly, Daily Vanity, Layers of Skins.


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