Here’s What Happened When I Used A Brightening Moisturizer For 7 Days

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

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As The Moisturizers Co.’s resident beauty writer, I’ve been dishing tips every week on how to take care of your skin (and live your best life!), but I decided it was high time I put one of the moisturizers to the test myself.

So I took the skincare test, which pointed me right in the direction of The Moisturizers Co.’s Brightening Moisturizing Cream with Arbutin and Vitamins. I was initially hoping to try the new Ultra Pore Refiner Anti-Blemish Night Cream to combat my huge pores, but the Brightening Cream is a bestseller for a reason, and I was psyched to give it a go.

What is it? The Moisturizers Co.’s Brightening Moisturizing Cream is a unique blend of carefully measured proportions of the remarkable skin brightener, Arbutin, and potent concentrations of lipid-rich oils and Vitamins A, C and E. It also gently removes freckles and and skin pigmentations, while replenishing skin with moisture to brighten and nourish, all in one application.

What I was tasked to do: Use The Moisturizers Co.’s Brightening Moisturizing Cream for 7 days as part of my nightly skincare routine. I also needed to check in on my progress in the middle of the week, as well as the end of the entire review.

Note: For clearer and more accurate shots of the condition of my face, the before and after shots were taken in the day.

Day 1 – The Start

I would describe my skin as dull-looking without makeup. I’m naturally fair, but have slightly uneven skin tone with pink-yellow undertones. I also have pigmentation scars and sunspots—one of my major complexes as I feel they hinder my quest of fair, unblemished skin.

Here’s a shot of me sans makeup:

Bare-faced. I’d say my skin looks pretty decent and bright.

But here’s the ugly truth. A close-up shot of my skin!

You can see that I have pretty huge pores, and that my skin looks visibly lackluster. I don’t typically have a lot of problems with things like pimples or acne, but I do find it hard to make my complexion look naturally glowy and lit-from-within.

Trying out the moisturizer! The cream comes encased in a jar with a clear list of ingredients at the back. It contains 7 key ingredients, which work together to deliver soft, glowing skin:

- Arbutin with Rosehip Extracts

- Carrot Seed Oil

- Jojoba Seed Oil

- Vitamin E derivative

- Vitamin C derivative

- CoEnzyme Q10

First impressions? The jar is very weighty and feels really luxe. The cream itselt feels cool and light, slightly viscous but not sticky on the skin. All I needed was a pea-sized amount for my entire face.

Day 4 – Midweek

I didn’t actually pay attention to the condition of my skin throughout the week until I did my mid-week check-in, and I was definitely starting to see changes. My skin was already starting to feel more moisturized and supple, and while I couldn’t distinctly see it being brighter, I could definitely see the surface of my skin becoming smoother with less fine lines.

Bare-faced after application. You can see that my skin looks pretty plump.

No signs of flakiness. Only very moisturized skin!

Day 8 – After 7 Days of Usage

Bare-faced. Skin looking radiant!

I’ll be the first to admit that until recently, moisturizing wasn’t a beauty ‘must-do’ for me, but looking at the results—I’m pretty impressed! 7 days isn’t a long time to see results for a new product, but I can definitely see an improvement in the texture of my skin.

Spots have visibly lightened, and my pores have gotten a little smaller and aren’t as obvious. The pink-yellow undertones of my skin have also seem to even out considerably.

Using the moisturizer was a new step in my usual skincare routine. I usually just cleanse, tone and add a serum because I don’t really like the sticky textures of moisturizers (especially when I’m lying sideways on my pillow in bed), but this was something revolutionary for me. Not only was the moisturizer not in the least sticky, but it also absorbed really quickly and just left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. My only minor gripe was that at the beginning, it took a little getting used to as the moisturizer has a slight scent to it (I like my products without one) but that’s also because of the various natural ingredients in it. Toward the end, I actually grew to really like it! It’s subtle and pretty sweet-smelling.

Would I continue using the moisturizer? Yes! It’s only been a week and the results have been positive so far. I can only imagine how much better my skin will get with continuous use.

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