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Ultra Pore Refining Anti-Blemish Cream

Ultra Pore Refining Anti-Blemish Cream


Cleverly formulated with superior, tried-and-true, blemish-fighting ingredients that will tighten pores, clear blemishes and soothe inflammation. 


It's further fortified with skin-restoring Lecithin, Glycerin and Squalane that help to create a barrier on the skin that effectively seals moisture in while keeping air and other environmental elements out to restore a damaged skin barrier and increase its resiliency.


Crowned the —

  • Best Pore-Refining Treatment in Beauty Insider's Choice Awards 2019
  • Best Acne-Prone Skin Moisturiser by DV Team's Faves in Daily Vanity Beauty Awards 2024



  • 1. Superior blend that help to tighten pores, prevent blemishes and soothe inflammation

    Formulated with Niacinamide which effectively controls oil production thereby preventing enlarged and clogged pores while improving skin’s lipid barrier. Niacinamide further fades post-blemish dark spots and prevents redness from inflammation.


    Wild Yam Extracts are added to soothe inflammation with their anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. 


    Ceramide retains skin’s moisture, building a natural barrier that locks in hydration for a supple complexion.   


    The powerful blend of Witch Hazel and AHA (Lactic Acid 0.5%, Glycolic Acid 0.5%) further clears out pore-clogging sebum, tightens pores, and reduces blemishes to reveal clear, smooth, and beautiful skin. 


    2. Reactivates Skin 

    Reactivates & recharges your skin by removing layers of dead skin and allowing skincare or treatment products to penetrate your skin more effectively. 

    3. Milky gel moisturiser

    Non-greasy and hydrates without overproducing oil.

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Our Ingredients & Technologies

With the use of proprietary lab technologies, we combine high-performance botanical ingredients with non-toxic, clinical-grade actives to form potent, synergistic blends that expertly penetrate deeper into the skin to deliver results.

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SS-MC2NDB1-5-Brightening Moisturizing Cr


Each of our formulations comes in an extremely delicate and lightweight texture that is easy on the skin, and penetrates deeper to deliver targeted benefits for specific skin needs.

Ingredients We Avoid







1: dermatologist-tested products are deemed safe for sensitive skin types.

2: it means a doctor who specialises in skin health has signed off on the products.

3: getting certified as dermatologist-tested is important to our commitment to giving you peace of mind when choosing 
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Our Commitments

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