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Lipid Renew Recovery Cream

Lipid Renew Recovery Cream


A water-based gel-cream that is free from 13 skin stressors and is formulated with a concentration of Lipids, Ceramides and Ceramide Precursors. This unique complex plays a crucial role in strengthening the lipid barrier of the skin which helps in preventing moisture loss and protecting skin against environmental stress.


This Recovery Cream further restores the skin from any dermatological procedures without leaving an oily residue on the skin.


Day by day, the skin's innate ability to self-repair and renew is activated and it gets smoother, firmer, and younger. 

*Free from  retinol, parabens, alcohol, GMO, sulfates, harsh exfoliants, beta-hydroxy acids, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, soy, fragrances, essential oils.

    • Skin's hydration boosted by 34.6% after 8 hours of application
    • Skin's hydration boosted by 36% after 4 weeks of daily application



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Our Ingredients & Technologies

With the use of proprietary lab technologies, we combine high-performance botanical ingredients with non-toxic, clinical-grade actives to form potent, synergistic blends that expertly penetrate deeper into the skin to deliver results.

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