In the Spotlight: 3 Super Ingredients in Our Moisturizers

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

With hundreds of options available, how do we narrow it down to the best?

There’s a reason we choose to work with moisturizers every single day—we love the feeling of soft, supple skin! Delve a little deeper and you’ll find moisturizers for different specialized uses—whether it’s ultra-hydrating benefits for dry skin, reducing fine lines, giving tired-looking skin a boost, or promoting anti-aging properties.

But beyond knowing the benefits of your moisturizers, making the effort to know exactly what goes into your favorite day cream or night cream is important. It helps you make informed decisions, understand why certain moisturizers are more expensive than others, and ultimately learn just what your skin needs.

How we decide what goes into our moisturizers

Creating a new product is always exciting. Yet, one thing we never want to do is rush the process of it. Before manufacturing a new moisturizer, we first do hours of extensive research on common skincare problems and desires that modern women have. This allows us to produce high efficacy moisturizers that show real results—results that we ourselves covet for.

Let us take you through the 3 incredibly important ingredients that our moisturizers possess:


Squalane (note the ‘a’!) is an oil naturally produced by our bodies, as well as certain plants like olives. To become squalane, it goes through a hydrogenation process that converts it into a stable, fully saturated oil with a long shelf life. Squalane promotes quicker cell turnover and helps to increase collagen production, greatly beneficial in maintaining youthfulness and reducing the appearance of tired looking skin. Because it sinks easily into the skin, squalane effectively protects skin from damaging UV rays and free radicals, as well as reduce fine lines. Squalane is suitable for all skin types, whether you have dry skin, acne prone skin, etc.

Found in: Cell Regenerate Gel Cream or Ultra Pore Refiner Anti-Blemish Night Cream. Get both here.


Also known as Coenzyme Q10, ubiquinone is another naturally-occurring antioxidant produced by the body. But don’t let its scientific name put you off—ubiquinone is actually very simple to understand. Like squalane, it effectively neutralizes harmful free radicals and protects the skin from UV rays thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. What makes it different is that it also has the amazing ability to improve skin elasticity, giving you firmer skin.

Found in: Brightening Moisturizing Cream or Cell Regenerate Gel Cream. Get both here.

Jojoba Seed Oil

Pronounced “ho-ho-bar”, jojoba seed oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) plant. Interestingly, while it’s called an oil, the ingredient is actually a liquid plant wax that is commonly used in skincare—especially in moisturizers—as it penetrates skin easily to improve skin elasticity, and also reduces wrinkles, stretch marks, and lightens dark spots. As an emollient, jojoba also soothes skin and calms redness. Perfect for people who want to prep skin before makeup and not cover up with a lot of foundation.

Find it in: Brightening Moisturizing Cream and Cell Regenerate Gel Cream. Get both here.

We take a lot of pride in what goes into our moisturizers and their formulas! You’ll notice that squalane, ubiquinone and jojoba seed oil are found in more than one of The Moisturizers Co’s moisturizers—this is because beyond selecting ingredients that function on their own, we wanted to make sure they complement and work well together to yield the best results.

Have a question about which moisturizer you ought to pick?

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About us: The Moisturizers Co. is a skincare company with a niche in targeted moisturizers of the highest quality and efficacy—combining natural botanical and clinical-grade actives in advanced skincare formulations that penetrate deeper to deliver high performance actives into skin. They allow busy urban women to enjoy quality skincare that has proven to deliver sustainable results. Products are manufactured under strict GMP-certified conditions, free from parabens and alcohol, with zero animal testing.

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